WrightSport - Best Swimming Brands at Unbeatable Prices


Over the past 20 years WrightSport have become a name synonymous with swimming. We understand the complexities and wild array of swimming products on offer in the market and always do our best to simplify things for you. A family owned personalising swimming company.

We adore the world of swimming and give the worlds best swimming advice from our WrightSport H.Q. based in Glasgow, Scotland.

We are also proud to be the best for meeting the needs of Clubs, Teams, Leisure Centres, Hotels and Schools.

Speedo's preferred swim specialist in Scotland.

We work very closely with TYR. Assisting them with their the retail and event merchandise at pool events in Scotland.

What this means for you and your family is that we give full backup, support and the finest advice – Always.

We are located on the west coast of Scotland, in the south side of Glasgow.

We welcome a visit or simply just a phone call away, as always the choice is yours.