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We're in the process of reopening our stores following the events of the Covid 19 crisis. We'll be allowing customers to visit us by appointment only. If you would like to make an appointment please contact us by phone on 0141 637 7001, or by email at sales@wrightsport.co.uk



WrightSport are a leading national supplier of Dryrobe: the number one solution for keeping warm and dry while outdoor swimming. With Dryrobe, open water swimmers and watersports enthusiasts can enjoy benefits such as insulating fabrics, waterproof & fleece-lined pockets with secure 2-way zips and plenty of space to change inside the robe while outdoors, among a host of other amazing benefits.

Dryrobe's range can be used multiple times throughout the day without you ever feeling cold or wet and for open water swimmers such as triathletes, Dryrobe is perfect for energy and core temperature preservation - helping you get an arm and leg up on the competition!

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