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Open Water Equipment

When it comes to choosing kit, open water swimming, wild swimming and triathlon swimming require some extra consideration. Factors such as temperature of the water, safety and visibility, and speed of transition all come into play, and at WrightSport we are happy to assist you in finding the right products.  

Brightly coloured swimming caps are the first consideration, as this will help greatly in spotting you against the water, particularly in overcast conditions. Insulated caps add an extra benefit in keeping your head and ears warm, allowing you to concentrate on performance. A standard silicone cap is adequate for water temperatures above 15° centigrade, below this temperature, you may wish to consider double capping. For any swims taking place in under 10° centigrade, a neoprene cap will provide additional insulation.  We offer a range of bright swimming caps, long hair caps and insulated caps, and the insulated neoprene caps come in different sizes, ensuring the best fit. 

Visibility can also be greatly improved with the use of a Hi-Vis Pinnie, designed to be worn over your choice of swimwear or wetsuit, which can be easily and quickly adjusted for your size.

Transition bags which provide quick and easy access to your kit, while offering good portability and storage are another thing to think about. The bags have specially designed sections for storing your wetsuit and have extra features such as padded straps for comfort and reflective panelling for safety. The transition bags also open up in a drawbridge style, ensuring fast access when needed.

Peripheral items such as neoprene socks are essential, adding a layer of protection against the elements and the cold British weather.

Last, but not least, to save you from the irritation and discomfort that can come with swimming in a wetsuit, we recommend an anti-chafing balm. The balm is formulated to be wetsuit safe, as oil based lubricants can deteriorate a neoprene suit, and your investment will not last as expected.