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Swimming brands are often based on personal choice – swimmers tend to buy the same brands, and have an affinity to them, usually based on past experience.
WrightSport are delighted to be a supplier of TYR – one of the big players in the swimming sector. TYR is one of our best-selling swimwear manufacturers, and used by top professionals throughout the world.
TYR Sport was created in 1985 by Joseph DiLorenzo, a swimwear manufacturer, and Steve Furniss (1972 Olympic Bronze Medal winner and captain of the ‘76 U.S.A. Olympic Swim Team).
TYR named their company TYR after the Norse god of courage, law, bravery and war. Their logo is similar to those adopted by Norse gods, and is distinctive and attractive
TYR manufactures top quality goggles, swimsuits, ear plugs, caps, bags and trunks. TYR products are robust, being both functional and fashionable.
At WrightSport, we only supply brands upon which we can rely. TYR is known for fantastic customer service, and WrightSport are delighted with their attention to detail – not only in design, but in delivery.
TYR products are always top quality, ultra-modern, well stitched, and with noticeable sleek lines, vibrant colours, and quality materials. Their bags are strong and built for longevity as well as having modern, almost timeless designs. TYR goggles and TYR ear plugs are renowned for robust designs and strong fixings. TYR caps are very well made and also have some interesting designs – especially their flag range!
Our customers use TYR swimwear for performance swimming, everyday swimming and lounging around in the sun.
TYR sponsors some of the top athletes in the world, and has a pedigree which means they are automatically recognised as a swimwear manufacturer of renowned quality.
TYR products are also high value in terms of lifetime cost, mainly due to the quality of the manufactured products, but also because of the timeless designs.
At WrightSport, we are delighted to stock TYR, and have a great relationship with them. We welcome enquiries for TYR products and can provide branded and personalised solutions also.

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