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Finis’ Vapor Kneeskin Tech Suit utilises hydro-reflective technology to repel water and maximise efficiency. The Vapor’s internal panel construction reduces muscle vibration and maintains core stability by compressing critical areas of the body. The welded and lay-flat seams create a compression fit to reduce friction. The silicone water-tight panel edges provide a comfortable grip on the legs and waist. The suit is constructed from premium Italian fabric and hand-assembled in the EU. Designed in California at the FINIS Stroke Lab.

Colour: Black


  • Neck-to-knee design.
  • Advanced Hydro-Reflective Technology.
  • Lightweight compressed textile repels water to increase your speed.
  • Oxygen Efficient Panel Construction Unique internal panel design adds compression to maximize oxygen efficiency while reducing muscle vibration maintaining optimal body stability.
  • Welded Seamless Technology Sleek bonded construction reduces drag friction over the entire suit.
  • Water-Tight Edges Silicone edges create a comfortable grip against the legs and waist.
  • Form Fitting Reinforced construction and lay-flat seams create a compression fit.

Fabric Composition: Woven 65% Nylon, 35% Elastane