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Maru Man's Shark Bait Pacer Panel Jammer - Black/Multi

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If movies are anything to go by, sharks are the leaders of the sea. But the leader of the pool is still up for grabs! Snap up the winning title in our Shark Bait pacer panel jammers!

We’ve combined a plain black base with our colourful shark bait print. It’s where sunset skies, palm trees, and deep blue seas come together in perfect harmony. In our panel jammer, the pattern is more on the subtle side, only found on the sides and back band of the bottoms. But just because the design is more understated doesn’t mean you’re any less deadly. Made of 100% polyester these jammers are comfortable, chlorine-resistant, and able to keep you on top form in every race. Your competition will never see you coming in our Shark Bait pacer panel jammers!


  • Made from our long-lasting Pacer fabric.
  • 100% Chlorine proof.
  • UPF 50+ fabric.
  • Drawstring waist for comfort and secure fit.

Fabric: 100% Polyester