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Speedo Tech Hand Paddles - Red/Blue

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Perfect your pull technique and improve your stroke with the Speedo Tech Hand Paddles. Ideal for technique sessions, the Tech Hand Paddle includes flow holes to enhance your sensitivity to the water and has a unique airfoil shape that helps improve your hand lift motion. Designed to add resistance during your swim, the tech hand paddle forces your upper body to work harder, great for improving strength, power, and endurance.


  • Hydrodynamic design for optimum contact with water
  • Flow holes enhance aquatic sensitivity, and its unique airfoil shape improves your hand lift motion
  • Increases arm strength- Paddles increase resistance, making you work harder to pull your arms through the water,which strengthens your back, chest, shoulder and arm muscles
  • Improve stroke - Tech Paddles help you to create the perfect pull.

Season: Summer Spring 2021