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TYR's Inflatable Kickboard is designed to develop leg strength when used as part of your regular training regime.

This lightweight, incredibly compact swim training aid is a boon for any swimmer's kit. Takes up less than 90% of a regular kickboard space when in your kit bag. Saves space in the home, and is great for travel too.

Easily inflatable with a one-way valve which will not leak air while inflating, and is quick to deflate when training is complete and you are packing up.

Maintains the equivalent buoyancy of the standard TYR Kickboard.

One Way Quick Valve

Colour: Grey

Measures: H 17" x W 12" x D 2" (inflated)

Grasp the kickboard with both hands to immobilise the arms. Extend the legs back and begin ticking. Consistent use of the kickboard helps improve leg strength.