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Xtenex X300 Series 30" Elastic Running Shoelace Laces - Neon Orange

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Xtenex Elastic Laces are extremely popular with triathletes for their ability to hold the foot securely and ease of wearing and removing running shoes. The lace of choice of Jan Frodeno (Gold medallist) and Simon Whitfield (Silver medallist) in the 2008 Olympic Triathlon in Beijing.

The laces are designed with knots which catch in the eyelets once the tension is released, to secure the shoe without the need to tie a knot. This improves transition time and removes the possibility of having a trip hazard of having a loose lace.

The laces will fit any shoe with an eyelet of approximately 3-4 mm and are great for any form of laced shoe from sports to school.

Also can be a fantastic help for those with dexterity or mobility issues.

Available in a bright range of colours to complement or contrast with your footwear.


  • Bright Colours
  • Custom-fit to shoes
  • Adjustable tension between the eyelets
  • Reduces compression on the top of the foot
  • Quick Transition
  • Length 75cm/30"
  • Sold as pair