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  £23.00 (Including tax)

  £23.00 (Including tax)

  £23.00 (Including tax)

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Backpacks are rapidly increasing in popularity simply because there are so many advantages to owning one. Of course there is the obvious, you use it to store your kit in and keep it safe and secure whilst training. But did you know that a well fitting backpack can actually improve your athletic performance? Yes, we are being serious. A backpack distributes the weight evenly across your hips, back and shoulders which improves your posture and helps prevent common back and neck injuries. This weight distribution allows helps reduce muscle fatigue which helps you achieve your personal best in the pool.At Wrightsport, we have the best backpacks around from trusted brands, the TYR Alliance Backpack is a very popular choice, with lots of features and a great variety of colours to co-ordinate with your swim kit. The Arena Spiky Backpack comes in a variety of colours, features clean lines and is available in two sizes. For good looks and many clever design features, the Speedo Teamster Backpack is hard to beat. If you prefer a roomy, yet lightweight backpack, the TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack is robust and can accommodate a fair amount of kit.