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The Swim Secure Tow Float tow is perfect for keeping you safe and seen while swimming in the open water. This inflatable Tow Float is bright orange to increase your visibility to other water users.

The Tow Float is pulled behind the swimmer while swimming and is attached to a short leash, then a waist belt & then around the swimmer's waist, and floats out of range of arms and the kick zone.

The ultra-light Tow Float produces virtually zero drag and features two inflation chambers for added safety in the unlikely event that one chamber fails while in use.

The efficient size and minimal drag make the Tow Float perfect for endurance competitions where Tow Floats are compulsory.

The Tow Float is made of high-quality durable PVC and includes a leash and adjustable waist strap.

Please note, use the back of the valve cap to deflate.

CAUTION: this is not a buoyancy aid, it does not give any buoyancy whilst swimming.